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About WWW and Non WWW Checker

The tool WWW and Non WWW Checker checks whether www.domain-name.com or domain-name.com retrieves the same data or sends users to the same source. For example, a www redirection is a rule that your website's server uses to send traffic from the non-www version of your site to the www version or vice versa. Then, if a user types domain-name.com into their browser, such as Google Chrome, it will take them to domain-name.com. 


And when that request gets to your server, this redirection will tell this browser that the right website address is www.domain-name.com. But you can also set up this redirection differently, sending users from www.domain-name.com to domain-name.com. With the WWW Redirect Checker, it's easy to check and make sure that your website redirects are correct. 


Before you click the verifier button, all you have to do is type or write the URL of a specific website in the verifier interface or query box. In a few seconds, you'll get the results and be able to tell if your redirects work or not. This is helpful for SEO because it lets you fix any wrong redirects that might cause your visitors to leave. 


As the owner of a website that requires giving its users the best experience, you need to ensure that all parts of your site, including redirects, go to the right place. If you make sure it works for your users, you'll be on the right track to getting more people to visit your site. Don't wait, then. Check out the tool that helps you get more exposure online by checking redirects and how they work so that users are happy and get the most exposure.