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About Word Counter

Word Counter Tool is a free online tool that helps you count the number of words and phrases in a piece of text. This online tool can also figure out the real number of characters or letters. With this tool, you can count any number of words and characters. Word count is an important way to measure writing.


Using this tool, you can find out how many words are in your text. Then, you can check to see if there are enough words or if it's too long. You can also use this online word counter to check how many characters are in your text. Your reader's information is meant for use on social media, Google Ads, and Meta Title and Description.


If you know how to use Microsoft tools, you would know that Word has a way to count the number of words. You are not limited to file types like Microsoft Word when using Word Counter Tool. Instead, you can copy and paste any text to see how many words or characters it has.


On Word Counter Tool, you can count the number of words in a Microsoft Word or Google Docs file. The Word counter tool is free to use. With Word Counter Tool, you can check the number of words as many times as possible. Whether you're a blogger or a student, Word Counter Tool will help you do your work better.