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It counts the number of external and internal connections. So a web admin or whoever runs the site may count the links. The program counts the total number of internal and external links on a website. They are weakening a website by over-linking internal and external connections, So the webmaster must examine the links. Add excellent material with external and internal links to improve search engine rankings. Ensure high-quality connections to boost website traffic. 


The website link counter helps enhance SEO traffic. This program scans all external and internal links on a web page. It also indicates the total number of links on a page. If there are no external connections, the page displays 0 and the number of internal links. Free SEO Tool provides this tool for free with no restrictions. Seo experts, site owners, and web admins may easily evaluate the web page linkages. 


For every 100 words of material, there should be 2-3 external links. If the links are above average, it adds to the rank collapse. The program identifies connections and gathers data about them to count. Also, verify the link price using the Link Price Calculator. Link building is a vital aspect of SEO success. 


All you need to do is follow the rules to establish both sorts of connections. It will help your search engine ranking. The program can identify both external and internal relationships. Less content and more internal links will influence SEO rankings. So, retain the proper quantity of links to increase search engine exposure. Your natural rankings may suffer if your site has too many duplicate links. Avoid using duplicate links and focus on gaining authority via unique links.