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About URL Encoder / Decoder

You may encrypt or decode a string of text with the help of the web tool. Encoding URIs is a necessary step toward making them globally interoperable. The goal is to map the diverse variety of characters used throughout the globe onto the 60 that are available.


You may also enable the inclusion of characters in a URI by following this two-step process:

  • Utilizing the UTF-8 encoding, transform the string of characters into the corresponding sequence of bytes.
  • Convert to percent HH every byte that is not a letter or number used in the ASCII character set, where HH is the value of the byte expressed in hexadecimal.


For instance, the string Francois would be broken down into the percentages Fran, C3, and A7ois after being evaluated. (When converted to UTF-8, the letter "c" is represented by the bytes C3 (hex) and A7) (hex). It is possible to then assemble it as the three letters "percent c3" and "percent a7.") It results in a rather lengthy URI (up to 9 ASCII characters to get one Unicode character). However, the goal is for web browsers only to show the type that has been decoded. Many various protocols can communicate UTF-8 without the HH escaping.