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We've made one of the best simulators of a web spider for our users. It works the same way that search engine spiders, especially the Google spider. It shows the version of your site that uses less space. It will tell you about your Web page's Meta tags, keyword use, HTML source code, and incoming and outgoing links. But if you think a few links are missing from the results and our web crawler can't find them, it could be because of something.


You'll find the explanation for this scenario below.

  • The spiders can't find the internal links on your site if you use dynamic HTML, JavaScript, or Flash.
  • If there is a syntax fault in the source code, the google spiders or search engine spiders won't be able to read it correctly.
  • Using a WYSIWYG HTML editor will cover up the content you already have, and the links may be hidden.


These are some reasons why the links might not be in the report that was made. Besides the ones listed above, there may be some other things.