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With Google Pagespeed Insights Checker, you can learn how fast a website is. We know that the speed of a website is an important SEO factor for getting people to visit it. Websites need to load in less than 2 seconds. Mobile users have been more popular than desktop users in the last three years. If you want people to keep coming to your site, it should take less than two seconds for all kinds of gadgets to load.


How fast a website loads depends on some important things. It has HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images, cache, server speed, server usage, etc. Each is an important part of making a page load faster. It depends on how well the website is made and how it uses the host's tools. There are many things to think about when checking a website's loading speed status. 


It includes HTML and CSS compression, javascript minification, image compression, fewer redirects, browser caching, faster server response time, and more. Google is giving the most weight to the mobile index and the speed of websites. So, search engine optimization rankings will include everything.