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How well a website works depends on how quickly it loads. Your bounce rate will go down if your site loads faster. The Website Page Checker Tool is a free tool that checks the page size of a website. It tells you, in KB, how big your site's pages are. Before you can use a Website Page Size Checker Tool, you need to know the average size of a website. When your site's page size is more than 3 MB, the speed at which people leave your site increases. It can also hurt your traffic. 


To speed up how quickly pages load on your site, you need first to test the size of your site. You can find out how big your domain name is. If your website is bigger than 3 MB, you should start working on how it looks. It's on your mobile phones, the default size of a web page, and how big your screen is. With the Site Size Checker Tool, you can determine how big a typical web page is for any URL. 


You have to type in the URL whose size you want to check. The Page Size Checker will determine how big that URL's page is. It isn't much you can do to figure out how big a page is. We know how we're going to keep it all for you. If you use the Page Sizes Checker Tool on our website, you'll learn how it works. You don't have to pay anything to figure out the page size of a certain URL.