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Website Link Analyzer is a great way to see all of a website's internal and external links. Digital marketing has also reached new levels since the Internet became cheap. So, if you want your business to grow and expand, you have to get into the electronic world. Also, this generation has moved on to using the Internet for their daily needs. In this online age, we need bloggers, web admins, and web designers who are good at what they do.


It becomes important to learn how to use the different tools for running a website. Website Link Analyzer is a must-have to make a name for yourself in the digital world. The Website Link Analyzer looks at all the links on your page and scores them. So, you can organize, take care of, and keep an eye on all of them from one place. Internal and external links are the most common links on a website.


An internal link takes you to a different part of the same website or a different page on the same domain. The main page of your website might have a link to another page on the same site. When you click on an outside link, you are taken to a different website part of a different domain name. Your site should have as few external links as possible compared to the number of internal links. Once users are on your website, they have fewer chances to go to another website. Use the backlink checker tool to look at the links to your site.