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This Google Index Checker lets you check the status of Google Index for several websites. Many website owners, web admins, and SEO professionals are now using tools like this Google Index Checker by Small SEO Tools to quickly and easily see how many web pages (URLs) Google can crawl or index on a certain website. 


This Google Index Checker tool gives you useful information that you can get in just a few seconds. It lets you check the status of up to 5 web pages in the Google Index at once! Let's say there are a lot of pages that Google didn't list. Making a sitemap for your website is best to index your web pages quickly. 


A site is an XML file that you can put on your server to keep track of all the pages on your website. Visit our XML Sitemap Generator Tool to make it much easier for you to make a sitemap for your site. When the sitemap is made, you have to send it to Google Webmaster Tools so that it can be indexed.


Sharing the posts on your websites on different social media sites would help. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are all part of the platform. You should also make sure that the content on your site is good. If your site just came out, it will take Google a while to find all of your posts. But if Google doesn't index the pages on your site, use crawl as Google. Google Webmaster Tools is where you can find it.