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About Bulk Email Validator

The Bulk Verify system lets you upload a plain text file with a list of email addresses to be checked, like a CSV or tab-separated file. First, the system will eliminate any duplicates on your list and check if the emails are in RFC format. Next, all emails are checked against a list of 780+ disposable email providers and your account's blocklisted addresses, which are updated constantly to get rid of any already failed addresses.


The system will also filter role accounts and look for invalid DNS entries. Last, the system does a deep cleaning SMTP test that connects to the destination mail server to see if that mailbox exists and can receive mail. A Bulk Email checker is a simple tool for ensuring that many email addresses are correct. It's easy to use and free.


You can type in your email list by hand or upload it as an a.txt or.csv file. It will tell you if the email address is valid or not and give you a text and CSV file to download. First, we make sure that the email syntax is correct (meets IETF/RFC standards), and then we check DNS validation, which includes an MX record lookup. If the email passes both steps, our free email checker will consider it valid.