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The entire period that a domain name has been active online is called its "domain age." It is the time that your domain name has been in use. I.e., the age of your website's domain. For example, if a domain name was registered in 2010, it will have ten years under its belt by 2020 rolls around. The Domain Age Checker is a tool that we developed so that users may determine the age of any internet domain name. 


Domain Age is a characteristic that may affect rankings, but it is sometimes disregarded. You may determine the age of a competitor's domain and the domains you intend to purchase by using a tool called a Domain Age Checker. Domains that have been around for longer have a better chance of increasing their search engine ratings.


You may find out how long the company has been operating by using the Domain Name Age Checker program if you are curious about how long it has been in operation. It contributes to the brand's legitimacy and trustworthiness, both benefits. You may determine how well the domain name is doing with the assistance of a Domain Age Checker. It looks at the search engine results pages (SERPs), the size of the backlink profile, the amount of traffic, and its reputation.