SEO For Multi-Location Businesses: A Guide To Effective Strategies

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SEO For Multi-Location Businesses: A Guide To Effective Strategies

05/24/2022 12:00 AM by Free Tools Buddy in Seo

SEO For Multi-Location Businesses: A Guide To Effective Strategies


Is it true that you shouldn't do SEO if you haven't been trained? SEO is hard and complicated, and if your business has a lot of locations, the level of difficulty goes up even more. For your online visibility to be equal in every place you want it to be, you need a professional SEO company to help you. Studies say that 50 percent of people who search for local stores on their phones usually go to that store the next day.



Further, 60% of mobile users use their handheld devices to find local services and products. In fact, in half of the searches made on mobile devices, people search for business information, such as addresses and phone numbers. If you want to make your business and brand known in as many places as possible, the best San Antonio SEO companies say that you should make your site searchable for local searches.


Recommendations for what to do to be good at SEO

It is very important to work with an experienced SEO company when you want to improve your website. The process is very good at ensuring that you will have all the chances to reach out to a customer. SEO companies in San Antonio say these are some of the best ways to run a business with more than one location.


1. Make web pages for each location

Typically, a company will have one corporate website. If the company has operations in more than one place, it is best to have separate pages for each location. It isn't good for SEO to put all of the business information on one landing page. If you have separate pages for each place, it is easier to make them more search-friendly for people in that area. Furthermore, these local web pages should not be the same.


It's also important to put this information on a specific page: Address, location, and phone numbers for people in the area. There is content specific to each location, such as news stories and announcements, awards, names of the manager or staff, and information about the products and services. A Google map that displays the correct location of the business.


Other than that, your website's dedicated pages must have their URLs, like the name of where they are. Each website you add for every location should have the same URL to look the same and show how important each location is to the company. Place-specific keywords and content should be added to your site, and tags and meta descriptions specific to your area. If you want to make each local page even better, you should add business hours and other things that show off the local flavor.


2. Use Google My Business for each location

Google is the most common search engine at the moment, and it has a lot of features that can help your company's SEO strategies. You can use these features to your advantage, too. For each location, set up a separate Google My Business account so that you stay in the area.


You should not see places outside of your area in a local search to go local. Link each specific URL to the listing, so customers can quickly get to the page for that location. This is what the best San Antonio SEO companies will tell you to do. Putting it together can take days.


Google wants each location to be verified, have a list of local business hours, unique photos for each location, and say what kind of business each location is. The Google process will take a while, depending on how many places you have to put in. Afterward, it will send you a unique code for each location. This code can be used to find out where the business is.


3. Maintain consistency in your citations.

Consistency is important for optimizing your multi-location website when it comes to search. Google always checks your name, address, phone number (NAP), and other important information when it sees them on different channels and platforms. This is called "searching."


Anyone who doesn't do what they say could be put on hold by Google. Have the SEO company dual your website, listings, and other places to make sure that your NAP is the same. Remember that the name of your local page can't be based on where you live or work.


4. Promote location-specific evaluations

It's great to have organic reviews, but you can go even further and get reviews from people in the area where your local business does business. People who visit your site or read your blog should be able to leave feedback, give you celebrities, and leave comments.


It's common to put these small instructions right next to your blog posts and listings after setting up your Google My Business account. But it cannot be easy to maintain track of comments and questions. Engaging a social media director can be a good idea. The person you hire will be focused on the tasks that can help you rise in the local business world and build your credibility and legitimacy.


5. Create backlinks to your site's relevant location pages

The power of backlinking should be used to your advantage when you have multiple location pages. Please do so. Doing this will take some time because you need to talk about it with people in your area, like your friends, local groups, and most likely the local chambers of commerce. It's also possible to boost your SEO even more if you write local content and sponsor or attend events in your area.


It's important to remember that you can get a better place on the Google search results page by making it clear that you are a real business. This is what the best San Antonio SEO companies want to say. Show that you have a presence in your area because people want your products or services. Please say that your product or service is a winner and will help the person looking for it. It is easier to get and get backlinks when you are real.


After you use these strategies, keep an eye on the results and make changes to your local pages to better meet the needs of people in your area. If you don't see results right away, keep in mind that it will be a while before they happen. The right SEO practices will help you get results faster. This is why you need to use them. Another thing you should do is make sure that all the information on your local pages is correct.