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Why do you want to modify the domain into an IP address? Many reasons could be behind this: You want to know your website's IP address; you want to know where a website is being hosted; you want to know who is hosting the website. When you buy a hosting web service from a local seller, they may be a reseller for service in the same country or even another continent.


You know the domain name, and you bought the service from a local seller. When a device is connected to the internet, it is given a unique number called an IP address. If you want to find out which device is on the internet, look at its IP address. It will be able to connect to another device and communicate with it by giving this address to one of them.



IP Address

Many people use the internet all the time, even when it's dark. Computers, laptops, tablets, smartphone navigation systems, and so many other people use the internet, and they all use it in different ways. To tell these things apart by their names, product codes, or serial numbers would be impossible and messy. That's why the clever IP address system was made.


An IP address comprises a four-number system that is broken down into four three-number groups and a ".." The last set doesn't have a ".." Let's say that when you search for a domain into an IP address, it comes up with This would be a valid IP address. Codes and rules are used to code and assign the numbers to follow a set pattern. Like a phone number, an IP address has a set way to code it.


First, the country code is the first three numbers. Then, the area code is the next three numbers, and the last seven or eight digits are the user's real phone number. Similarly, IP addresses are given out in a set way, and they tell search engines the IP address of a domain. IP addresses are also given to routers, phones, and other things when they connect to the internet. To detect the IP address of your computer or laptop, type "tracert" and then press "Enter."



Why do you want to trace Domain to IP?

Many people want to find out the IP address of a website. Your job is to be the webmaster or the owner of a website. You bought the domain hosting service from a company on the internet. Now that your webpage is up and working, you want to know where it is being hosted. Find out that your website is being hosted in the United States, and don't be shocked.


Another possibility is that you are experiencing issues with your website or that your site visitors have complained that it takes too long to load or returns a 404 Not Found error. You will check your website before contacting the company that will help you. A third reason might be that your main competitor's service is faster than yours, and you are losing customers to them because they are faster.


Your competitor's IP address would be very important to you. You can figure out who the competitor's web hosting service provider is with some more research. You can then decide whether to stay with your current provider or switch to a better one. There is a reason that most web hosting service providers are based in the United States because the internet costs there are the lowest.


Plus, they have been about for a long period, so the service will always be running. Do not depend on one fiber optic line. They have many lines. That's why most developing countries have either direct or indirect resellers who sell the services in the countries where they do business to make more money.



Domain into IP has more SEO tools that can help you track down the IP address. You can go there and click on "More SEO Tools." Click on the 'Domain into IP' icon when you get to the bottom of the list of icons.

  • Domain name
  • IP Address
  • Country
  • ISP


There is a country and an ISP. The country will show the country's name where the domain is being hosted on it. This means that now you know the Ip of the domain and other important things about the website.



Other options

As an SEO, you might want to try other things, like:

  • UNIX tool for determining the IP address associated with a hostname
  • Linux command to determine the IP address
  • Find the IP address of the mac


If you have one of these OS on your device, you will choose one of these options to use.




With an IP address, you can take things a step further. You can find out who owns a website by going to the site's "About" page. Address, email, and phone number for them: Let's say you want to invest in a domain or buy a domain that has come up for sale that you want. By finding out who owns an IP address, you can find out who owns a domain name. Now you can talk to the person who owns the domain.


Finding out who owns a website without the IP address would be nearly impossible and take a long time. Also, you might want to trace an IP address if you are getting malware from a site and you want to block the IP address. Then you can request your internet provider to block any files that come from this IP address.