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Domain Age Checker Tool

05/11/2022 12:00 AM by Free Tools Buddy in About tools

What is Domain Age?

This is how long a website has been running. This is an example: If you have a website running since 2000, your domain age by 2010 will be ten years old. However, you can figure out how old a domain is based on the date it was registered and how long it has been active. When it comes to search engines, a website's age is based on when it was first "crawled" by them. The Domain Age Checker by RankWatch tells you how old your website is and when it was set up.



About the Rankwatch Domain Age Checker

Our goal with our Domain Age finder tool is to help website owners figure out how old their site is. RankWatch's Website Age Checker is one of the most easy-to-use tools. It tells you everything you need to know about web administration and website management. Our tool is different from other Website Age Finders because it tells you when a domain was first made and when it was last updated and when the domain will expire. 

Our Website Age Checker tells you when the domain was registered or set to expire. It also informs you how long it has been since it expired. Our tool is very good at categorizing the data and making a report that can be easily downloaded. If you want to see more information about your domain's age, you can open the report.


Additional information about your website's age:

⦁    If your website is presently being presented on a computer, this is the IP address of that computer.
⦁    There are a lot of things about the servers that run your website.
⦁    It's time to name the company that bought the domain name from (e.g., GoDaddy).
⦁    A lot more information about the domain and its long history.
⦁    So, through our Domain Age Checker, you can find out how old your domain is and get information about your domain's expiration date, updated date, and the name of the company that owns the domain.
⦁    The Domain Age Finder Tool by RankWatch is also free to use, but there is one more thing you should know about it. Because this is how it works, you get a lot of information about your domain for free.


Why is it necessary to use a website age checker?

⦁    Website owners have different needs for domains, so there are many good reasons to use a Website Age Checker. This is true for both of them.
⦁    To find out how old your domain name is, type it into a search engine like Google.
⦁    To find out when your domain name will be taken away.
⦁    Find out how long your competitors' domains have been on the web.
⦁    To find out how old the domain name of a website you want to buy is.
⦁    This is because you own a site, and you know its age. You pay for the registration process, and you have to pay to renew your license every year. The registrar sends you emails and tells you about the expiration date as soon as it gets close.
⦁    That means you don't need to use a tool like this for the first two things. However, there are still two reasons you might want to use a Website Age Finder tool.


Why should you research your competitors' domain ages?

Every business wants to be better than its competitors and wants to stay ahead of them. This is true even if it is small or big. It doesn't matter. Every brand looks at its competitors. Our Domain Age Finder tool is another one of those tools that can help you do a lot of research and get information about your competitor's domain name. You will be able to find out how long a competitor has been in the market through our Domain Age Finder tool.

Looking at that domain age data, you can figure out how long your competitor has been around and how well it has done. If a competitor has been around for ten years, there's a good chance they'll have a lot of backlinks, people trust them, and be brand loyal customers. After you figure out the domain's age, your data analysis will be complete, and you will be able to come up with a strategy that works.


Use Domain Age Finder to determine the domain age of a site you're considering purchasing

It's also important for you to use our Website Age Finder tool for another reason. Sooner or later, if you're thinking about buying a domain, you can use our free Domain Age Checker tool to see if buying a certain domain would be profitable or not. For example, there's a 10-year-old domain that's up for sale. During that time, the domain did not get any higher than the third page on Google.

Because the backlinks to the domain are mostly spammy, the number is also high, but they aren't very good links. You should not buy a domain with this kind of name because it will take a lot of time and work from you when you need to clean the site. But if you're willing to invest in both of them, at least you'll be able to get the domain name for a good price.


How to use our Domain Age Checker to determine a website's age?

There is only one goal for every free tool that RankWatch makes: to save you time and effort. So, you won't have any trouble when you use our tools. It's simple to determine the age of a website with our Domain Age Checker. It has three steps:


Enter The Domain (Up to 10 Domains)

Domain Age Checker needs URLs to the site whose site age you want to keep an eye on, so you should give them to the tool. You can sum up as multiple domains as you want to your account.


Click the 'Find Age' button

After you put in the domains, click the "Find Age" button next to the tool.


The Report Can Be Downloaded (Optional)

When you click the "find age" button, the tool will make an online report right away. You can save the report that was made.