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When you operate a website, one of your goals is to attract many visitors; nevertheless, it may be difficult to determine how popular a website is. The amount of foot traffic it creates is an important consideration in this case. The Alexa tool considers this signal and some others to establish a website's ranking.


Alexa Internet Inc. was established in 1996 and is currently a subsidiary of due to's acquisition of the company in 1999. Alexa Internet Inc. owes its reputation to developing a system to collect the navigation data of those users who installed their toolbar, known as the Alexa toolbar. In theory, the resulting Alexa Traffic Rank would reflect the overall performance of a web page.


Some additional elements may also directly or indirectly impact a website's Alexa rating. However, websites with substantial traffic and consistently updated material tend to achieve good rankings on Alexa. These might include things like the particular subject matter covered by the page or its keywords.